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SYRIA CONFLICT: IS "EXECUTES DOZENS OF SYRIANS"-Jihadist militants from Islamic State (IS) appear to have executed "dozens" of Syrian army soldiers, activists say.
Historical Tidbits, August 16-31 On August 16, 2008, 21-year old Usain Bolt of Jamaica ran the 100 meter dash in a record 9.69 seconds at the 2008 summer olympics in Beijing.
Were You Born in August? Happy Birthday to our friends, especially to classmates, born in August.
Let's Pray for the Sick Please join us in praying for the sick, especially members of ADM5054 who may be sick.

Monthly Feature

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Many historic events took place in August. One of them occurred when Corazon Aquino passed away on August 1, 2009.

A prominent figure in the 1986 people power revolution, she toppled Marcos from his authoritarian rule and restored democracy to the Philippines. She also served as the country's president and was chosen as Time magazine's "Woman of the Year".

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The significant religious feast in August is Mary’s Assumption into heaven, celebrated on August 15. On August 15 every year, many Christians – Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican – celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s undecayed body into heaven.

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Ibon Ibon Revelers Editorial Photo

In this segment, we feature two Filipino festivals - Kadawayan sa Dabaw and Buyogan.

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About Us

We're a Closed Yet Open-hearted Group

ADM5054 is in many ways an organization that is wondrous strange and unique. For one, by an accident of timing, it is limited to men. Secondly, its membership can no longer grow, instead it has been diminishing and will continue to diminish until in the fullness of time it will altogether disappear. Furthermore, a member cannot refuse to join ADM5054 because that has already happened. Neither can he decide to leave the organization because that too will simply happen. At this time there is nothing he can do about either...

The HS50 College54 Connection

There is an obvious connection between Ateneo's high school class of 1950 and college class of 1954. Clearly, from HS50 came the nucleus of College 54. But is this the only connection?

A kinship exists not only between the two graduating classes but also among their members. Their unique bond transcends school ties and must have been forged even before they came to Ateneo.

They were just grade school boys when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, an event that embroiled the Philippines in World War II,...

High School 1950

In 1946 following the end of WWII, Ateneo, “bloodied, but unbowed”, reopened its Padre Faura gates. With its buildings lying in ruins, the school erected renovated Quonset huts behind the rubble to serve as classrooms, a chapel and living quarters for the Jesuits. When Ateneo relocated to Loyola Heights in January 1952, the Padre Faura campus gave way to commercial buildings over the years. Now, the campus HS50 knows is gone without a trace and lives only in the memories of those who were there. In time, those memories...

College 1954

The boys who would later be College 54 have the distinction of being among the first batch of students to move from their humble preserves in Padre Faura to the grandeur in Loyola Heights. For many, sadness mingled with anxiety as they bade farewell to Padre Faura and said hello to their new campus. Their student lives were to be spent mostly in Bellarmine Hall. Here was where they sat down for lectures, recitations, quizzes and tests and where they had anxious as well as triumphant moments. It was more than 50 years...


Class of 50/54

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Where are they now?

  • CHAN, Johnson, HS50
  • FIDELINO, Antonio O., HS49/AB54
  • ORTIZ, Manuel I., AB54
  • PATERNO, Ramon Jr. M.., HS50, AB54
  • RAMOS, Reynaldo, HS50

  • RODRIGUEZ, Enrique R., HS50
  • ROSAL, Elias L., AB54
  • SOLIN AP, Cesar J., BS54
  • SORIANO, Enrico C., AA52, LLB54
  • VALDES, Jose Jr. F., HS50

Help Find

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